Welcome to the FALL Women’s Series with Jen Keeler, ERYT-500, YACEP! Fall is the perfect time for a practice that encourages warmth, strength, grounding, and connection. We have many options for practice this Fall – make sure to read the “fine print” and make the selection that works best for you. Bundle classes and save!

Having friends join us in our health centered practices contributes to a sense of connection and creates accountability – share with your friends and practice together!

For FALL: Join me every week to heal and balance the effects of a cool, wet, darker, and blustery season! You are encouraged to practice at your own level, adjusting your own effort and depth of practice to meet your beautiful body in each moment. ​Be well, have fun, dive deep, let go, and feel good about YOU!

  • Move deeply, slowly, and deliberately to build core and foundational fortitude.
  • Enjoy gentle, flowing movement to intelligently build strength and push you toward sustainable energy.
  • Reconnect to nourishing routines and practices to support the transition into darker, wetter days.

Every week look forward to:

  • A weekly touchstone and SUPPORT to prioritize a consistent self-care routine with a compassionate, humanizing, and uplifting community of women!
  • Integration of of movement, meditation, breath work, reflection, poetry, music, chanting, humor, and relaxation throughout the series.
  • Strength, stabilize, and stretch in key areas for all women, including the core, pelvic floor, neck and shoulders, hips, and joints, along with supporting mental and hormonal health.


  • 11 weekly classes – 3 options: In person, online, or both – bundle and save!
  • Ongoing support throughout the series, ask questions via email, zoom, or phone and receive feedback.

Schedule & Cost:

  • In-Person in Sunset Hill, (classes run 1 hour + 5-10 minutes:)
    • Tuesday Morning at 10 – 11:15 am OR
    • Tuesday Evening at 7 – 8:15 pm
    • Dates:
  • Online:
    • Live Classes ~ Thursdays 10:00 – 11:00 am (PST) ​
    • On Demand ~ ANYTIME! (Access through December 31st)
    • Dates:
  • BOTH In-person & Online: Register for both in person and online and receive $80 off!*

    • Register for the in-person class you wish to attend first. You’ll then receive a confirmation email with a link to add the online classes, including a $80 discount code.
  • Cost: Use this sliding scale to determine the amount that works for your economic position:
    • Supporting Member – (regular list price*)
      • in-person: $220
      • online: $200
    • Sustaining Member – 25% discount
      • Code: “YM25off”
    • Supported Member – 50% discount
      • Code: “YM50off”
    • Scholarship – free
      • Code: “YMscholar”

Questions and Answers:

Q: “If I can’t make my in-person class, can I attend the other in-person class?” Yes – BUT.. as enrollment is very limited, you must swap or take the spot of someone already registered in the other in-person class. AFTER the first week of classes, emails will be distributed and you are to make arrangements prior to showing up to class.

Q: “If I can’t make it in person, can I just attend or watch online?” Only if you are additionally registered for the online classes. When you register for the in-person class you’ll receive an email confirmation with a discount code for adding the online option.

Q: “Are props provided?” No. I will no longer be offering props. Used blocks, blankets, and straps are available for purchase, and will need to be picked up in northwest Ballard prior to class start.

Q: “Do I need to be vaccinated to attend in-person classes?” Yes, it is required that you are fully vaccinated by the first class date. If you are unable or unwilling to vaccinate, we request that you enjoy our online offering instead.

Q: “Do I need to wear a mask for in-person classes?” Yes and no. We ask that when you arrive and are moving about the room for any reason that you wear a mask. You are not required to wear a mask once you are on your mat and practicing. This is subject to change but is in place indefinitely, we will err on the side of caution.

Q: “Why are the in person classes more expensive than online classes?” Our classes are now 35 % smaller and rent, storage, and operational costs are much greater than with our online program. This difference accounts for the greater costs associated with in-person offerings.

All identifying women and all levels are welcome in this very inclusive, body-positive series, where modifications and supportive prop usage is encouraged. PLEASE contact me with any questions you might have BEFORE signing up! If you are pregnant and beyond the first trimester we encourage you to seek out a prenatal yoga specific program.

We strive to make our program inclusive, safe, and enjoyable for every identifying woman, regardless of race, sexuality, economic status, or birth gender. And, we are committed toward cultivating a rich and varied community of women!  If you or someone you know sees yoga in general, or Yoga Momma offerings as compelling but also marginalizing OR cost prohibitive, please contact us. We’re happy to support your pursuit of yoga in a community that resonates with you best, to improve our community climate, and we always offer student determined pricing/payment and scholarships. (Use this helpful tool  for determining your price point.) Thank you for being an important and celebrated member of our community.