Here are a what a few Yoga Momma students have to say… 

“I have learned how to listen to and honor my body in a new way through my Yoga Momma practice. I have been doing yoga for over 15 years, and often compared my body and abilities to others in class, over-reached and injured myself in practice. I have struggled with a distorted body image, depression and anxiety since adolescence, and this greatly amplified after having my first child at 31. My weekly practice at Yoga Momma helps me re-wire negative patterns and provides my whole body system the warmth, compassion and courage it craves. A good yoga practice doesn’t fix everything, but it certainly gives you a rooted foundation in your higher self to pivot from as you move through life! I want this for every momma.” ~Elise C.

“I have been practicing yoga with the Yoga Momma community over 5 years.  I deeply appreciate the manner in which Jen Keeler designs her classes.  For me, each class is a form of relaxation, reconnection to my body needs and parental sanity.  As a full time working mom, Yoga Momma is my personal commitment to have an hour and half to myself on the mat.  It is a place I can let go, not worry about time, tasks, budgets, or places to be.  At the end of each yoga session, I feel more grounded and patient to take on the challenges of the next day and week.  I also feel taller and healthier.  With each yoga session, I take the time to listen to my heart and feel my aches and pains, so that I can understand what my body needs.” ~ Tracy A.

“It’s no coincidence that I’ve had physical, emotional, and even mystical “a-ha!” moments while on the mat in Jen’s classes. Yoga Momma’s environment inspires and supports those moments. Jen clearly puts great thought and intention when planning each yoga class/experience, which has its own theme or direction. The wisdom she shares, the great music, the valuable information about our bodies and yoga practices—all of these keep me coming back each week and each season. The community of women who come to class are warm, accepting, and real. We have real laughs and a relaxed atmosphere before and after class. Yogamomma is medicine for my soul and body.” ~Anne L.