Welcome to Sisters in Yoga ~ your Self-Guided Immersion!

The Immersion is currently unavailable.

In this time of pandemic and social unrest, it’s common to feel isolated and overwhelmed. During this immersion, we create space to reconnect, better understand our inner world, root ourselves in nourishing practices, feel more at ease, and boost our resiliency for walking the road ahead. Think of it as a Winter “refresh” – utilizing the internal nature of the season and time with the intention to restore, rebuild, and renew. Even though you’ll be navigating the immersion independently, you’ll feel a sense of connection, structure, and support through each session.

This Immersion is for you if you:

  • Need a reset – emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally.
  • Want support and structure for practice, but also need flexibility.
  • Want to feel less overwhelmed and more skillful in showing up authentically and strong in the world.
  • Want to establish a sustainable and meaningful wellness routine that is easy to manage.
  • Often put the needs and desires of others above yourself, sacrificing consistent self-care and health.
  • Feel depleted and want guidance unpacking shame, limiting beliefs, despondency, and worry.
  • Wish to use your yoga practice as a tool for liberation and light for yourself and all beings.​

During the Immersion we’ll explore and unpack important questions:

  • How can I feel stable, strong, healthy, and resilient in the world as it is today?
  • How can I find peace and joy when there is so much suffering in in the global community?
  • What is getting in my way of authentically showing up with clarity and confidence?
  • What can I do and where do I begin?

What students are saying:

“The month-long immersion was wonderful. All the classes – gathering, flow yoga, and restorative/yin yoga – worked together perfectly.” – CB
“Jen has that friendly, approachable way about her that makes you feel like you’ve known her forever. She provides an incredible yoga experience but doesn’t take herself too seriously. She perfectly blends thoughtful, confidence building mantras with comic relief. I often leave her class with that same relaxed, euphoric feeling you get after hanging out with friends.”  – LM
“I wanted to say thank you so much for offering a meaningful connection to the Yoga Momma community and yoga practice (that’s not just about asana). It’s been fulfilling in so many more ways than just doing a workout or doing a yoga practice. And for that I am grateful.” -DF
“Being part of Sisters in Yoga has been a wonderful opportunity for me to join a community of like minded women from all over the country. Giving myself the gift of time to move my body, focus on self love and come together with others during these uncertain and overwhelming times is exactly what I needed. Thank you Jen!” – KG

With three unique practices and interactive handouts every week, we attend to the healing of your whole self – reconnecting mind, body, and spirit:

  1. The Satsang Gathering creates opportunities to learn, reflect, and contemplate  through lecture, journaling, anecdotal sharing, and guided meditations.
  2. Our Morning Flow will use the practices of pranayama (breath,) asana (movement,) guided intention, and meditations to help us be present in our bodies and in the moment.
  3. The Restore & Renew session will create much needed space for us to move very gently, drop into stillness, release tension, and heal more deeply with support.


  • 12 recorded, on-demand sessions;
  • Empowering Practices tracking sheet, Flexible Daily Routine for wellness, 8 Limbs of Yoga visual, several reflection and journaling prompts, and accommodating slides;
  • Ongoing email support as needed as you move through the program.
Yoga is a “moksha shastro” – a liberation teaching for all. Let’s explore together the many ways we can utilize our spiritual practice as activism for the benefit of ourselves and all beings. Sign up Now!

Details: Cost: $175. You’ll have access to the Immersion for 60 days from date of purchase. Take a look through the “lessons” to get an idea on what we’ll be doing together, and contact me with any questions you might have before signing up! We strive to make our program inclusive, safe, and enjoyable for every identifying woman, regardless of race, sexuality, economic status, or birth gender. And, we are committed toward cultivating a rich and varied community of women!  If you or someone you know sees  yoga in general, or Yoga Momma offerings as compelling but also marginalizing OR cost prohibitive, please contact us. We’re happy to support your pursuit of yoga in a community that resonates with you, to improve our class climate, and we always offer student determined sliding scale and scholarships. (If you need guidance here is a helpful tool  for determining your price point.) Thank you for being an important and celebrated member of our community.