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Integrity in the pelvic floor creates stability, vitality, and grounding. In this video exclusively for women, “Awakening and Strengthening the Pelvic Floor,”  we explore the deep, subtle muscles of the pelvic floor and low core to create a sense of strength and awakening, critical for most poses or “asana,” good posture, and a healthy pelvic floor. Learn to isolate places of weakness and disconnect, and build strength, connection, and resiliency for a stronger root and a more stable foundation – physically and emotionally. I sincerely believe this is a KEY PRACTICE for all women!!

This gentle, grounding and flowing practice is nicely paired with the Grounding Mudra & Breath practice in our breath work and pranayama section. It’s suitable for all levels, and focuses on grounding and root strength. A lot of directional support is provided to deepen and refine your existing practice, or if you’re starting out!

The class below taps into the flow within, offering gentle energy awakening and release for the hips in a well rounded and accessible class.