Below find a series of breathing practices also known as “pranayama” in the yoga tradition. These can be done in partnership with asana and/or meditation, or are helpful as stand alone practices.

The breath is one of the most powerful resources in your yoga practice! It is the compass that guides our movements, supports our physical and mental effort, and informs the decisions we make on the mat. “Full yogic breathing” is a common starting and “return to” point for any yoga practice, and can also be a stand alone practice – about 6 minutes – to reset your nervous system and return to present.

Diaphragmatic breathing is foundational to relaxation! A stand alone “pranayama” or breath practice, this simple yet potent practice will activate the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for the relaxation response in the body. Crocodile pose (“makarasana”) is a perfect posture to support diaphragmatic breath and the grounding effect of this practice.

The short video below integrates the use of mudra, breath, and meditative practice. A wonderful antidote for anxiety and stress, and nice pairing with the “Slow Grounding Flow” found in our Full Practices section!

This pranayama (breath practice) and guided visualization practice is VERY CALMING, supportive, and nourishing for the heart, mind, and nervous system. Excellent if you struggle with anxiety, need restoration, or simply want to balance out intense action and stress impacts within your life.