Here is where you’ll find the most up to date information on Yoga Momma practices in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please continue to check back before your scheduled class. 

UPDATED 6/20 – we are on hold for live and live stream classes for the summer. We are waiting to make plans for fall as long as possible. Check back on September 1, 2020 for details.

For online classes….
  1. Go to  (<-link) to create a free account, and download the ZOOM Cloud meeting app (<-link). Spend some time checking out how it works, you can adjust who/what you see on screen, volume, update your profile, etc..
  2. Think about where and when you will practice and mark it on your calendar as a non-negotiable!  I will definitely be offering class Tuesday morning from 10-11 and I may use that recording for the week depending on how it goes and how I feel. If you plan to join us streaming live with kids present, please do NOT activate video OR audio.
  3. Finally, subscribe to our Yoga Momma YouTube channel. (<-link) In case everything goes sideways, I’m also in process of editing/uploading a recorded video from last spring for you to enjoy at home. If you subscribe make sure to set alerts, but I will send out a link via email as well when this is up and running.
We are working around the clock to get things figured out and anchored. I have thought of little else and am seriously working so hard to make decisions about best practices for our program, figure out the best learning/teaching platform, quality assurance test, and consider the best path forward for yours and my sustainability. I have a wonderful “committee” of helpers and if I need additional help or ideas I will absolutely reach out. I am probably more resistant to this change than most of you as I really value the in person connection and energy we share, often take issue with the online social platform, alongside a strong aversion to figuring out technical challenges. (Pause for another moment of extreme gratitude for my husband Chris.) That said, we had a lot of fun connecting the other day during our practice round and I felt better seeing and hearing others. I also appreciate your concern for me as a small business person. I’m incredibly privileged to be okay financially during this potentially fragile time and am directing my/our resources to making sure you have continued access to my teaching and our community, and to supporting the broader community in delivering extra services where they matter.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for your patience and support!!!

Updated 3/11/2020, 2:00 pm

I have already redrafted this update 3 times today! In addition to other King County schools, Seattle Public Schools are now closed officially for the next two weeks, minimum. County officials are recommending to limit gatherings of more than 10 people if possible. Historically social distancing is the most powerful practice to limit the spread of virus. Here is where we are today:

I am looking into options for streaming and am hoping to be ready to stream before next week’s class. I am also working to upload the videos recorded last spring to support your home practice. One way or another I’m hopeful you’ll have a Yoga Momma class to enjoy by next Tuesday/Wednesday.

If you can purchase your own props I recommend doing so today – even if we are able to gather again I will not have any props available for your use for some time. I have a limited amount of used props (3″ cork or foam blocks and mats) you can have for free if you are unable to purchase props for any reason. Contact me directly with requests.

We have 2 more weeks of Winter Quarter – this is not how I visualized ending our time together but we are very fortunate to have some options for continuing our practice ahead. If you are registered for SPRING quarter, I am needing a little more time to make any decisions. My plan is to be ready to start the quarter with remote learning and connecting if required.

My highest goal is to protect our students, their families, and the surrounding community, while still offering you the grounding practice of yoga – we do not want to be party to unintentional spread of this serious virus. Rest assured that I am under the advice and consultation of informed students and friends working in public health to make these decisions.

IF for some reason we are able to meet next week, we will have NO PROPS available for borrowing. We will continue to disinfect common contact spaces before and after each class; advise those with compromised or health compromised family members to stay home; ask you to stay home if you have ANY symptoms; wash hands before and after each class; carry sanitizer; and advise healthy hygiene practices.

Stay calm, stay informed, stay tuned! Make sure to check back for the most up to date info, and check your emails for connectivity info!