Below find all the instructions you need to join us online for the remaining of WINTER quarter!

I know many of you are either not getting emails, or not reading instructions thoroughly. Below you will find all the details you need to know about practicing for the remaining of Spring Quarter.

If you are registered for SPRING 2020, CLICK HERE for more information on our plans for next quarter.



  1. If you haven’t read my previous email (that included our plans, online options, and directions for downloading Zoom,) please do so now or click HERE. Make sure my emails aren’t dumping to spam as that is my primary means for communicating!
  2. The Zoom streaming or viewing option is only available for currently registered students – please do not share Zoom links with anyone who is not a current student. I do not have a plan that supports additional people and I am still working to honor your paid registration and support our sweet, intimate community.
  3. Yoga Momma YouTube videos will be available for everyone in or out of our program – links below.
  4. KIDS: I know some of you are excited about sharing our yoga with your kids. If this is you, I am encouraging you watch the recording or watch one of the YouTube videos instead of live streaming. If you do want to stream with kids, please DEACTIVATE YOUR VIDEO UPON ENTRY to class. It is okay if kids wander in and out as I will be muting all of you when we begin class anyway. Remember that this is a Women’s program – many of us are seeking a respite from the energy and management of kids, so we want to maintain an adult only environment in comfort, energy, and language on our stream as best we can. This is also so I can focus on YOU, which is the whole intention of our program! I suggest cueing up a kids focused yoga video that is more appropriate. HERE is a free class I found after a quick search – it has not been vetted.
Option 1. I will be streaming classes at our regularly scheduled class times through the end of Winter Quarter, March 24/25. You can attend whichever class makes the most sense, but please only “attend” one. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN US “LIVE” online at your assigned class time:
  1. Familiarize yourself with the Zoom platform and make sure your full name is on your profile – have a meeting with a friend and play around with the controls.
  2. Prepare your space with 2 blocks, a mat, strap, and yoga blanket. Chairs, belts, towels can all be used in place of those supplies if you don’t have it.
  3. I will open our meeting 15 minutes prior to our class start time. Admission will close 5 minutes after class starts.
    • Upon class start I will mute everyone’s audio and depending on bandwidth, I may ask you to deactivate your video – I have heard it can slow down with a lot of people so we shall see!
  4. I will reactivate audio at the end of practice so we can all connect one last time. If there were problems during our session that you think I can address, please let me know via email AFTER the class.
CLICK HERE to join us for any of the classes below LIVE!
Tuesday Morning ~ 10 – 11:15 – (opens at 9:45 am)
Tuesday Evening ~ 7:15 – 8:30 – (opens at 7 pm)
Wednesday Morning ~ 10 – 11:15 – (opens at 9:45 am)
Option 2. If you cannot make the live stream, you can access a recording of it later at the link I will provide via email later in the day, after it has been saved to our Zoom site. It will only be active until the following week. 
Option 3. I’ve also uploaded 2 new videos to our YouTube channel that you can view at any time – and will continue to do so each week. Recently uploaded a 5 minute grounding mudra and breath meditation, and a 40 minute SLOW flowing asana practice with our very own Yoga Momma Kali! They were among the very first recorded last year, and I take a lot of time to explain things in a beginner’s way so it feels really wordy and slow to me, but if you are feeling anxious this will help! Go to our website HERE and click the ONLINE link, or subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn on notifications – check back frequently. Our YouTube channel is available to all humans!
That is all – hope to see you on the inter-webs!