Teacher Training

Find out about our 35 hour trainings to become a certified Yoga Momma Instructor! Graduates will refine their teaching to create a broad base of sustainable women’s offerings. Learn how to build community, support women therapeutically, retain students, and sustain financially to make your passion for yoga your living!

The YogaMoms™ Series

The YogaMoms™ series is a long time favorite of our local Moms. Students reserve their spot for an entire quarter to develop their practice and build their community. Each class is unique, educational, supports you exactly where you are physically and emotionally, and helps you grow in your practice.  Pre-registration and pre-payment is required – this is a program for women who are NOT pregnant, but rather looking to support their post-partum health anywhere from 6 weeks to 20+ years after baby!

Check our our Women’s RETREATS!

Retreats for Moms and Women are offered in Washington State. Click here to find out more information and to register you and your friend, sister or Mom!